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M. Shukla

I have found A-Star Tuitions to be very proactive and willing to work with the parent on a plan that is specific to the child, always keeping the best interest of the child at heart. My daughter always found them to be quick to respond, on email, to any question or help she might have and they are willing to provide supplementary work to consolidate any learning. The homework provided is of good quality and consolidates the learning well. This, coupled with the assessments, definitely push children to prepare well.

V. Shah
 Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
S. Reddy
I would Definitely recommend A-Star Tuitions for secondary level. structured tailored classes and frequent assessments helped my child's confidence. I should have started early to get more positive results. Can reach tutors whenever we need help.
M. Karlekar
Due to COVID19 schools shutting down, suddenly everyone was offering to coach students virtually. It was difficult to find the right people. We trialled a lesson with A-Start Tuitions and loved the calm, caring approach of the teachers and administrator. My son enjoyed learning and being challenged on concepts. I am happy to recommend.
M. Kieu
Dedication and professionalism toward learning. Always seek to improve. Gives adequate feedbacks. Willing to work with parents to achieve the highest standard.
S. Datta
They are very professional and tailor each lessons as per the students requirement. Has been very helpful and I have seen good progress, now he looks forward to his lessons with A-Star Tuitions. Would highly recommend A-Star Tuitions.
A. Saraswati
Very pleased with A-Star. They teach with a professional touch and personal care. As subject matter experts, they are insightful, analytical and thorough, and their regular assessments keep students engaged and prepared. Highly recommended for GCSE.
D. Das
Really satisfied by their service. My son is really happy and improved so much and hoping to do really well in his exam.thanks for all the support.
K. Soni
I would definitely recommend A-Star Tuitions. My son attended the A-Star for over a year. Very professional and high quality study material.
M. Babu
5 stars for A-Star :-)
A-Star is excellent tutoring service, when I was searching online tutoring for my year 9 daughter for GCSE I came to know about A-Star via FaceBook. Tutors are great, my daughter has shown good progress after joining, I would recommend A-Star tutoring!
V. Kar

Very well structured lessons and tailor made to suit the student needs. Impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism.
Would totally recommend A Star Tuitions for Maths and Sciences. Thank you for all the support you provide my daughter. Much appreciated. 

G. Dev
The lessons are well structured and tailored to individual needs. Progress is monitored by regular assessments. Overall very pleased and would highly recommend A-Star Tuitions.
S. H.

Thank you so much for all your support. Even though my son joined late this academic year, the classes and the homework resources helped him a lot to explore all the topics in depth. I could finally see him practicing Maths at home ever since. Thank you so much for all your support and efforts.

R Ghai

Thank you so much for teaching my son for GCSE. He has improved a lot as you covered quite a lot of topics in a short time. I highly recommend your way of your teaching. Thank you again. 

E. Demi-Ejegi
A-Star Tuitions tailor each lesson to suit the individual needs of your child!
R. Chandra
My son was happy with the lessons, he said he learnt a lot. Had other students of same age and grade which made the lessons interesting and competitive. He did classes in summer vacations but would be interested in future classes too.
S. Nandwani

Totally recommend A-Star Tuitions! The basics are taught very well and they have regular assessment tests. Very pleased!!

V. Suryanarayanan
Highly recommend A-Star tuitions for secondary and GCSE preparation. They take individual interest in the students and provide regular assessments to monitor progress.
P. Sunderdas
My son enjoys the tutoring sessions and looks forward to go every week. The lessons are quite interesting and well structured. I would surely recommend A-Star Tuitions.
N. Javagal
My son enjoys the tutoring sessions and looks forward to go every week. The lessons are quite interesting and well structured. I would surely recommend A-Star Tuitions.
A. Chaurasia

My son likes the teaching style and how each lesson is well structured. He looks forward to go there every Saturday. I would definitely recommend A-Star for Secondary level tuition.