A-Star Tuitions

What We Do

We provide tuition in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to Secondary School students with an aim to achieve top marks and grades. Students across Grammar, Comprehensive and Independent schools attend structured lessons with us. We provide tutoring, holiday and half-term courses for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and the crucial GCSE Year 11.

We are currently delivering lessons via virtual classroom sessions through video-conferencing and students from across England are attending regular classes with us.

Students come to us from...

We have students attending lessons from some of the Top schools in the country:
St. Olave's Grammar School
Newstead Wood Grammar School
The Judd School School
Skinner School School
Dartford Grammar School for Boys
Dartford Grammar School for Girls
Wilmington Grammar School
Townley Grammar School
Bexley Grammar School
Other Kent and Bexley schools
Other Grammar schools across England
Independent Schools across England

Our Results

We are proud to present our GCSE Results for 2020!! Our students have done exceptionally well yet again!!

Hearty Congratulations to our students for their impeccable GCSE results year on year!

25% of our students got top marks with all 9s in all 4 subjects
95% of our students got between 9 and 7 in Physics and Maths
90% of our students got between 9 and 7 in Chemistry and Biology

GCSE 2019 Results
100% of our students got 9s in Biology and Chemistry
100% of our students got between 8 and 9 in Physics
100% of our students got between 7 and 9 in Maths

All our students exceeded school's challenge grades!!
We’re very proud of the hard work they put in and their achievements!! achievements!!!