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Wales GCSE 2021 Cancellation

10 November 2020

GCSE and A-Levels in Wales have been cancelled in 2021 with grades to be based on classroom assessments.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said that Head teachers would work on a "national approach" to ensure consistency and that the assessments will be done under teacher supervision. These will will begin in the second half of the spring term. The Minister has felt that cancelling the exams would give additional time for teaching to continue through the summer term.

Concerns have been raised around the fact that the assessments now being planned will be externally set and marked - so some pupils are unable to understand the difference and are awaiting further guidance.

More details can be found at https://gov.wales/wales-approach-qualifications-2021-confirmed-education-minister-kirsty-williams 

Whilst this is a difficult decision that the government has had to arrive at - we hope that pupils get equal opportunity to demonstrate their learning via the revised assessments system.

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