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Our Shining Stars - We're proud of you!!

28 March 2021


Congratulations to our Year 8 student, Aarush Sharma

who recently wrote an article in his school's newsletter on Tech & Finance. Aarush has a natural flair for Tech & Finance. Along with his star performance in studies, he also is a keen budding young footballer.

Here's a glimpse of his article on Finance - which can get our other young students thinking........

If you want to get some extra cash or you really want to buy a new game or something else... Then here's the perfect idea! 

If you ask your parents for a custodial investing account (which basically means an investing account for people under the age of 18) you can invest any of your spare change into stocks.

Or if you decide that is not for you, then you can try opening a business. There are so many ideas in the world. But to help you answer these questions in your head, bear in mind some business ideas you have may not work with current Covid-19 restrictions.

What are 3 things you love doing?

What are some problems in those industries which you think you could solve?

If you found some problems in those hobbies which you think you can fix, then just search that problem on google if a company comes up which solves that problem, then look at your other problems which you think you can solve. After you have done all of that, then congratulations! you can now start your own business..



Congratulations to our Year 8 student Dylan Kieu who was offered a Junior Foundation scholarship at a coveted Independent school in Kent.

This includes a Music scholarship and Free music tuition on two musical instruments. Whilst we wait to see Dylan's full list of achievements and scholarships later this year, below is a glimpse of his perforrmance at his music audition which led to this achievement.

We hope you enjoy listening to Dylan's performance and this serves as a positive inspiration to all our young students.



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